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Events can refer to two things in Exist Archive. The first are story-related cut-scenes, usually triggered by heading to a specific area. The second are optional character events, triggered after characters return from quests.

Story Event List[]

The First Night[]

  • Description: Kanata and Mayura, returning from the forest, spend their first night in a strange world.
  • Location: Unnamed Flower Hill

Return to the Forest[]

  • Description: With the dawn, Kanata heads back into the forest, only to hear a familiar voice...
  • Location: Unnamed Flower Hill

Shelter from the Rain[]

  • Description: Kanata, Mitsuhide, Koharu, and Mayura sit inside a cave to wait out the rain.
  • Location: Fault
  • Other: Koharu Nagi joins the party after this event.


  • Description: Exploring the woods, Kanata meets a strange woman.
  • Location: Misty Forest