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Below is a list of events that Kanata has with other characters.

 With Mayura[]

Event 1[]

  • Kanata: Have any of your memories returned yet, Mayura?
  • Mayura: Nope! None at all!
  • Kanata: Oh. This might take longer than we thought.
  • Mayura: This may sound weird, but I don't think I want to remember.
  • Kanata: You said something like that before, yeah.
  • Mayura: Right now, I'm having much too much fun making new memories.
  • Kanata: That's a really positive way to look at it.
  • Mayura: Yep. It's all thanks to everyone's help.

With Koharu[]

Event 1[]

  • Kanata: You haven't changed a bit since you came here, Koharu.
  • Koharu: You've changed some, though, Kanata.
  • Kanata: Me? Really?
  • Koharu: Yeah. You've gotten, I dunno...more reliable. Less flakey. Almost cool.
  • Kanata: You think so...?
  • Koharu: Yep! Anyway, are you sure I haven't changed?
  • Kanata: Yeah. You're still the same old you.
  • Koharu: Really? Are you absolutely certain? Look a little closer.
  • Kanata: I'm certain. You haven't changed there, either.
  • Koharu: Hold it. Are you making fun of me?

With Kiriya[]

Event 1[]

  • Kanata: Hey Kiriya. Back on Earth, you were a..."leader" of sorts, right?
  • Kiriya: Huh? Yeah. Not by choice, though.
  • Kanata: I just kind of fell into the role of leader here and, um...
  • Kiriya: I don't have a problem with it. Do you?
  • Kanata: Just because I have Yamatoga's voice doesn't make me any kind of--
  • Kiriya: That ain't the only reason.
  • Kanata: Really...?
  • Kiriya: If my gang had you for a leader, they'd probably still be--
  • Kanata: Kiriya...?
  • Kiriya: It's nothin'. Forget it.