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Below is a list of events that Koharu has with other characters.

With Yamatoga[]

Event 1[]

  • Koharu: Hey, Togacchi. Your soul got hacked into twelve pieces, right?
  • Yamatoga: Don't call me "Togacchi".
  • Koharu: The they all flew to Earth, where they got stuck in twelve people.
  • Yamatoga: Correct.
  • Koharu: Of those twelve people, one of them is me.
  • Yamatoga: Correct.
  • Koharu: Why me?
  • Yamatoga: Sheer happenstance. Given the choice, I never would have picked you, girl.
  • Koharu: Don't call me "girl".

With Mitsuhide[]

Event 1[]

  • Koharu: Hey, Mitsuhide?
  • Mitsuhide: What?
  • Koharu: When that Chasseur killed me...
  • Mitsuhide: Don't tell me you still think about that.
  • Koharu: Kinda. Yeah.
  • Mitsuhide: Forget about it. It's long over.
  • Koharu: Did it scare you?
  • Mitsuhide: Well, yeah. It would've scared the hell out of anyone.
  • Koharu: You cried, didn't you?
  • Mitsuhide: I told you, forget about it.
  • Koharu: Sorry. No can do.