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Koharu Nagi is a character in Exist Archive.


Together with Kanata, Ranze, and Mitsuhide, Koharu is part of a group of four close friends who attend the same high school. At the time of the accident that sent them to Protolexa, she was with the other three as usual. She is a bright and energetic girl, and while she may not always be able to read the mood of every situation, her honest personality is beloved by all.




Yamatoga: Koharu gives Yamatoga the nickname "Togacchi" and talks to him more than the other humans do.


Joining Stats

  • Level 5
  • HP: 463
  • STR: 28
  • VIT: 32
  • INT: 64
  • AGL: 46
  • DEX: 39


  • The name Koharu means "late summer/Indian summer, early autumn" (小春).
    • It can also mean "small" (小) (ko) and "spring" (春) (haru) separately.
  • Koharu's surname Nagi means "south" (南) (na) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki/gi).
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