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Throughout the game, brief memories of Mayura can be viewed using Essence Crystals

Mayura's Essence Crystal[]

  • Mayura's Mom: Mayura?
  • Mayura's Dad: How does that sound?
  • Mayura's Mom: It's lovely! It has such a nice ring to it.
  • Mayura's Dad: It's a little different, but I have really good reasons for picking it.
  • Mayura's Mom: Oh, look. She's smiling. She likes it already!
  • Mayura's Dad: Hahaha! You're right. She is! Mayura! Mayura!


  • Doctor: I'm terribly sorry, but...
  • Mayura's Mom: No...oh no...
  • Mayura's Dad: Mayura...! Mayura...!


  • Mayura's Dad: What do you mean, there was an explosion in Mayura's hospital room?! What happened?!
  • Doctor: Well, it wasn't an "explosion", per se. There was some sort of...shockwave that hit from the outside...
  • Mayura's Dad: And now you can't find her...her body?
  • Doctor: We are all very busy handling the fallout from the accident. We cannot yet say that for sure.
  • Mayura's Dad: I am asking you about my MISSING DAUGHTER!
  • Mayura's Mom: There.there is no chance that she woke up and made her way to safety on her own, is there...?
  • Doctor: No. I'm afraid that would be impossible.